Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Love...

One of the writing prompts I keep is a list of things. What I'm grateful for, my life rules, and today's prompt:

What I Love (the little things):

A puppy sigh
Black tank tops
Sesame oil
Quick smiles
Fresh warm tomato slices
Sleeping in the sun
A good sweat
Polar Fleece
The contrast between cold, soft grapes and hard, salty Manchego cheese
Laughing Out Loud.
Baseball games
Someone combing my hair
Talking with friends
My Zen Stone
Black Olives
Giggling with a friend over an inside joke
Encouraging Twitters and emails.
Fun necklaces
A soft breeze
My baseball cap
A dog sleeping against my side
Bright eyes
V-neck t-shirts
Vanilla (manila) mangoes
Ear lick from Katy-dog
Crispy cookies
Hair swinging against my back
Soft yarn
Sun dried linens
Firm mattresses

Have you noticed? Many of these things are based on senses... the touch, smell, taste, sounds, sights of LIFE.

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