Saturday, March 22, 2008

HeartStrings: Scrappy Quilts for Charity

Not much time for chit-chat this morning. The weather is beautiful and my garden has been calling my name out loud! Digging, trimming, hauling, taming... all those good spring activities pull me outside and away from the computer.

NOT to mention that I've got an assignment today to write on using thrift stores and recycle/salvage yards as art and craft supply stores. (yeah, I'll repost that here this coming week). Wish I could find the link to the article on finding sweaters to unknit. I thought I saved it to .. but still can't find it. Anyone? (I know.. talk about last minute!)

To give you something to hold you over while I'm working my butt off outdoors, thought I'd point to a worthwhile project for some of those quilting scraps you may have: HeartStrings participants make scrappy string quilts for people in a variety of circumstances, from Project Linus to the survivors of the lastest distaster.

Now I love the string quilts, and will likely start (again) putting my own assorted scraps and pieces to work making squares and tops for this project. With all the weather-related disasters that have already befallen states this spring, I've got a feeling that lots of people will be needing them.

So go vist this blog and if your garden isn't quite ready for your attention yet (like you're in the midwest and it's either flooded or under inches of snow...) maybe spend an hour or so working on some HeartStrings.

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