Monday, March 03, 2008


What's in store for me this month? More adventures, I'm sure...

Phyllis wrote:

YOU are a beginning a “dynamo” period! Mars, the planet of action and sex appeal is transiting your sign for the coming 2 months, energizing you to initiate some important new beginnings and activities. This is a terrific time to take innovative steps to promote yourself, to assert your needs and to let others know what you’ve got cookin!

Be courageous, Cancer. And remember to use self-respect and self love – not irritability or reactivity – as your motivator. That will help you use Mars’ energy proactively and avoid the unnecessary squirmishes Mars sometimes ignites.

INSPIRATION/EDUCATION are also highlighted this March. Many planets are gathering to shed light on ideas and activities that bring meaning to your life. It’s a wonderful month to TRAVEL, take a class, or learn something new. It’s also a good month to TEACH or PUBLISH something that demonstrates your expertise. The New Moon on the 7th can help you get started with a new idea that blossoms over the coming year.

The 13th and 15th and 27th-30th are also expansive dates, terrific for communication and meetings. The 16th and 17th might reveal where an idea or relationship needs more pragmatism in order to actually work out.

RELATIONSHIPS are active and exciting all through 2008 as Jupiter, the planet of expansion brings heroes, inspiring connections, and over all fascinating folks to your doorstep. PARTNERSHIPS AND MARRIAGE are also likely for many Cancers this year, too. March might bring people from far away into your sphere, or someone who has something significant to teach you. Be thoughtful between the 4th and 8th as decisive energies might spark a make-it-or-break-it showdown with a significant other.
Be honest and courageous about what you really want. But genuinely consider other’s points of view, even if they are different from your own. In that way, you might discover a whole new way to conduct a relationship. Alas, if a difference between you and another just can’t be resolved, your relationship could end. Again, use self-respect and self-love to assert yourself, not reactivity. You don’t want to push someone away unnecessarily.

SEX can be special this March, especially between the 1st 13th. Use the ultra-romantic energies on the 8th and 9th to really connect with your beloved.

JOINT FINANCES could also be taking a decisive turn, especially the first half of this month. Mercury can bring ideas, negotiations and contracts that involve loans, your partner’s finances, taxes and insurance. Venus helps you attract what you want from others.

CAREER innovations come to the forefront around the Full Moon on the 21st. The new steps you might be deciding on there might necessitate changes in 2-3 other areas of your life. The active energies in April will help you figure it all out.

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