Monday, March 10, 2008

We're feeling hot, Hot, HOT

Over at BlogHer, Kristi Sammis asked us to define.. or redefine HOT.
Seriously -- there are all kinds of hotness. Hot can mean sexy, beautiful, edgy, attractive, interesting, powerful, creative, smart, funny... The definition of "hot" is vague at best, and that means we have the freedom to make it our own. So let's.

For the March Good Health-a-thon check-in, let's do it. Let's plan to be TOTALLY HOT this summer.

Which means (and forgive me, I love numbered processes!)...

1. Defining "Hot." What makes a woman hot? When you think about some of the "hottest" women you know, how would you describe her attributes?

2. Picking one or two of those attributes you feel you want to enhance in yourself.

3. Figuring out a way to measure your progress, and selecting dates (or events) for performing check-ins.

I am SO playing this game!

One of the quoted bloghers already has a "Hot By BlogHer08" button (which I might steal) and that seems both an do-able date and a great venue to show off my hotness.

So what do I consider HOT?

#1. Hot is confident. It's standing up straight, looking someone in the eye, speaking out, and being sure.

#2. HOT is attractive. NOT in an "I want to look like that" kind of way; more in an "I want to sit at a table and talk with" kind of way. A person-magnet. Beyond charismatic, this is an individual who you just know has something to say you want to hear! HOT is community-building, bridge-building, sharing.

So, how do I want to be HOT BY BLOGHER 08?

A. I have several projects I'm trying to develop. All are in the shadows, competing for time and attention. They are worthwhile activities. By BlogHer at least one (I hope two) will be pushed out of my head and into the world.

B. I will continue to work on my balance and stability so I can confidently walk head up. Being able to trust my body will let me relax and share my thoughts. Besides, I know that 3 days of non-stop activity is exhausting. I need to be the best shape ever to survive it without falling asleep half-way through the unconference.

So what do you consider HOT? How do you define it? And if you choose so, how will you be HOT by Summer?

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