Sunday, March 09, 2008

Telling the Universe

I believe that when I tell the universe what I want, she provides me with what I need. The trick is always to recognize what she providing and know she has my best interest at heart.

So once in a while I write down a series of things that I want. No particular order. Some possible, some unlikely. I let the universe know what's on mind. And if you happen to be able to help with a thing or two here, I'd appreciate it.

#1. A 30 hour day with 22 hours of sunlight. OK, it can cloud over for an hour in the afternoon so I can nap.

#2. Someone to take some simple head shots of me. I've never liked the posed photography studio looks, but I am desperately in need of photos. Desperately. I'm about to resort to more "me in the bathroom mirror" shots.. and look how bad those appear!

#3. Inspiration for new business cards. Do I want moo cards? Something more professional? Both?

#4. A real choir to sing with that isn't 15 miles away and meeting on the same night as other commitments of mine.

#5. Some good books on tape. Recommendations. I'm thinking inspirational, growth, self-help, sci-fi, mystery, classics. OK, maybe everything but history and westerns.

#6. A light athletic shoe with tons of support for my wobbly feet. Currently I'm wearing Ryka's; they weigh 1.4# ahd have a sole about 1" thick. Is there something lighter and thinner that keeps ankles from pronating and feet stable?

#7. A work schedule I can stick with. Do project A on Monday; part of B later Monday, etc. OK, that's called self-discipline, a calendar and a to do list. At times I think it would be easier to just go away somewhere to work for a while, but I find myself sitting in coffee shops people watching, which isn't any more productive than swinging on the deck.

#8. The courage/discipline to step beyond the inspiration phase in projects and get to the production phase. Ah, discipline. There's that word again.

#9. A great comedy movie. Something really light and simple and fairly brain-dead but not insulting. I rarely like Will Farrell or any of the former SNL folk. But I need me some giggles.

#10. Courage. Or belief in my self. Both. And discipline. I can see a bright, great future ahead of me when I grow these in myself.

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