Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Carol at Elephant's Child "tagged" me with the 5 questions that have been going round. I must admit I am a bad person to tag for questions on music. In the car, I listen to sports talk radio; at home I have the tv on.

I could have passed, but in the spirit of play, I decided to morph the questions to fit me. So, instead of music, I rewrote the questions about TV. Feel free to use these as the beginning of whole new round if you wish...

1. 1. How many programs do you currently have programmed to automatically record each week (either TIVO on on your VCR? I guess this assumes that I'm not the only person who programs a vcr to tape anymore).

At the moment it's 5... though it can go up to my VCR's maximum of eight.. and will when sweeps begin on Thursday. (The Friday night SciFi channel lineup; MI-5 on A&E; West Wing and CSI ... the original and still the best; Boston Legal) My hubby gets up at 4:30, so he heads to bed early. Doesn't mean we can't share good programs together...

2. What was the last DVD you watched?

Lawrence of Arabia. With the Oscars just announced, it's time to watch some of the classics. Now I need to watch those nominees that are available on DVD; I'm awaiting the delivery RAY this week from NetFlix.

3. What did you watch on tv the last time you watched it?

I switched between The Amazing Race and HOUSE.. and missed the end of HOUSE. Then I watched NYPD Blue.

4. What are 5 of the most memorable tv moments:

In no particular order:

a. Murphy Brown testifying in a Congressional hearing. Wickedly funny satire that followed the Clarence Thomas hearings.

b. The Stackhouse Filibuster from the 2nd year of West Wing. Hands down, the best written episode of the program.

c. Diane leaving Cheers. They played a song near the end of the show.. and showed the "life that would have been" if she stayed. I couldn't listen to that song for a long time... now I can't remember what it was.

d. MASH. The first episode that they made as if a tv reporter was interviewing them for a program.

e There was one season of the best quilting show on PBS. It starred McManus (now if EQ fame), Diane McClun and Laura Nownes, and Rod Kiericoffe (I can't spell his name). Each half hour had instruction, history and a wonder "show and tell". So, ofcourse PBS didn't pick it up.

5. Who are the three people you will "tag"?

Rayna at studio 78
SharonB at In A Minute Ago (because I love the look of her page)
Teri Springer at Fiber and Threads

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