Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I had MAJOR quilting block for most a year. Not only didn't I want to create, I COULDN'T. I got tense and anxious just thinking about working. Fortunately, part of this time my sewing room was disassembled while we redid our kitchen... and the sewing room had become our "summer kitchen" during the process.

Members of QuiltArt suggested I read "ART AND FEAR", take a breathe and just do it. Well, actually.. the just do it part was to not chicken out and attend ArtQuilt Tahoe.

I took a deep breathe and forged ahead. The 5 days at the workshop energized me, pushed me past the paralyzing of fear of creating I was experiencing (it's incredible... just writing this makes me feel extremely anxious). I took Renegade Quiltmaking with Sue Benner... which, for me, turned into a total immersion in fusible construction.

This is significant because yesterday I wrote up my entries for my small guild's spring quilt show. Of the 5 quilts I'm entering, 4 of them read as a construction technique: Fused. Of course fused isn't an option listed on the form, so I had to add that... but..

The one unfused quilt was made with set a special templates for isosclese triangles, and those right /left half triangle pieces. The template set was fabulous for getting accurate blocks. (sorry, I sold them... so I can't remember the name).

Then a LoneStar quilt made with fusible interfacing from QuiltSmart . This was supposed to hang in my new kitchen, but I mismeasured. It's 2" larger than the wall is wide.

Then a small piece I made at ArtQuilt Tahoe in Sue Benner's class.

Then NOISE.. from the 8th Deadly Sin challenge.

Then Vessels (hope I finish it in time).

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Mrs. Mel said...

Fusing, Hurray! I too must always make my own category on entry forms. I just got the catalog for classes for the Sisters Oregon show this July. My bio reads that I make most of my quilts using fusing. Hell, I make ALL OF MY QUILTS USING FUSING.