Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I WANT to be working... really.


Things have distracted me all weekend.. and, well, yesterday I was gone... and today...Today I have spring fever.

The sun in shining.

And it's 65 degrees or so outside.

And the dogs have been shortchanged in their (and, therefore my) exercise.

So I popped them in the back of the the pup-mobile and headed for Point Isobel. This is an incredible dog park... part of the East Bay Regional Park system. It's 21 acres of leash free dog park on the shore of San Francisco Bay. (and, yes, if you followed the story, this is the park where they found Laci and Connor's bodies...). Built on a sealed landfill, there isn't anything much that can be done with this land except let it go to the dogs. There are walking paths, and "ballchasing" lawns, and beaches for swimming. And the primary use of this park is dogs. It's a jewel. It's most dog's favorite place in the world (after their owner's bed).

So Jake chased tennis balls for the entire walk.. getting atleast twice the exercise that Katy and I did. That's OK, he's still a fat border collie. The tide was out, so no swimming... but lots of splashing and playing in puddles. An hour out in the quiet, ... the fresh air and the sunshine... and I've found my peaceful center. I drove home with the windows open and the sunroof open. (well, 2 large muddy dogs STINK!) The mudballs are now drying off on the back deck.

Now I have to decide... do I work on the quilt, or mow the grass first?? and maybe put down the spring fertilizer? then come in and work until I have to stop for supper? I'm torn!!

On another note: I had one of my favorite things for lunch: grilled salmon with wasabi mayo (Trader Joe's soy-based mayo...). If you haven't had it, I highly recommend it.

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