Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Carol"s subsconscious spoke...and inspired me to share.

It's important to listen to psychic messages.

This tale happened somewhere between 1992 and 1997 (when I was living in Chesterland). I was taking my morning shower (as is my wont), when a clear message came to me: go to (a certain) antique shop out in Burton this morning. You're Featherweight will be there.

The thought was so clear I couldn't stop thinking about it. So as soon as it was reasonable, I headed over to this shop.

The owner walked inside right before me. And she was carrying a recognizable little black case. I smiled, and followed her to the counter.

"May I help you?" she queried...

"Yes. I believe I am supposed to purchase that FW you just brought in."

When she and the other customer heard my story.. we laughed. She had bought it herself just a week before, and had had it home cleaning it up a little and trying to freshen the musty odor of the box.

It was a fine little machine... made within of week of the day I was born. Average wear, complete set of standard attachments. It was a perfect machine. And... everything in the shop was 15% off that day... including this little Featherweight. So, believing it was fated... I bought my one and only FW for a grand total of $85. This, when they were sold elsewhere for about $200.

Now, as it turns out I don't like sewing on Featherweights. The black and the shiny finish make it difficult for me to see when I'm sewing on it. And it's just a bit small. So I did sell it a couple years ago to a guild sister who wanted a reasonable one to give her granddaughter for xmas. I don't regret the purchase.. it's a great tale.

Now I wish a little voice would tell me about a similar Singer slant 201. I do regret selling THAT machine.

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