Sunday, February 13, 2005

Ok, people... I'm asking you to help me with a this ... uhm... challenge. It's not too complicated, and might be fun.

There is a small group of us who exchange altered post cards every couple months. We are getting our next "assignment" next week, but I've had a sneek peak at the possible themes. It will be Health or Humor or Healthy Humor... something along this line.

And about the time these cards are due the woman "hostessing" this design challenge will probably be stopping her chemotherapy and living out her healthy days without the limitations of poisoning treatment. Hence her theme.

So I will be googling images and quotes on health my own... but your assignment, should you decide to accept it is to send me link that look promising for ideas for healthy humor. One fabulous example is PamDora's Box from 2/11/05 where she is in bed with a bad cold.

Now you don't have to limit your suggestions to cancer stuff. Without statins I would probably have already had a heart attack. We've got bursitis, and knee replacements and menopause to deal with too. Makes us sound like a sad group... but we're really a fun bunch of broads!

I really want FUNNY things that can inspire me. Maybe to draw my own cartoons to give out... maybe quotes to put on a small calendar.

My mailbox &/or comment page awaits you.

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deb said...

humor? I guess it depends on your brand of humor but go to my blog and click on "The Secret of Happiness"