Thursday, February 03, 2005

Today has been a good day. Not as productive as I would have liked... but GOOD. I slept in until 7:15.. then Jake (the fat border collie) had ENOUGH and hit me in the face. He's never subtle about waking me up.

Shower, breakfast and take the dogs for a 3 mile walk. Just one note from the walk: 16 red-winged blackbirds sitting one tree is NOISY. And a lot of people walk their dogs, but don't want them to make friends with the dogs they meet along the way? Why the heck not?? Dogs are social beings!!

So now I've got some happy endorphins floating through my body... and a voice reminding me that after reading Mrs. Mel's post earlier this week, I want to go to Joann's. I need some thread for my Vessels project, and I want some kind of dark fabric large enough to use as a sort of backdrop

You see, my local guild is having it's quilt show in a few weeks; I have my journal pages from Houston 2003 and several other very small kind of experimental pieces. I don't want to the enter them individually; they will not be hung together, they will be scattered among the holiday table runners and such. So I've decided to mount all my little quilts on a background of my own, and enter them all as one piece. That way I can some control over how they look hanging. The quilt committee isn't happy... but they are my friends.. and they will get over it. And in the long run, I think it will look better. Found something on sale that I think will work perfect, so now I'm laying out my little squares and getting excited.

After picking up those items, and eating some lunch, I had a nice long talk with Susan Gray about the BLANKIES FOR GROWNUPS program. This program makes comfort quilts and knit/crocheted afghans to give to individuals with health problems. Most of the quilts go to women with cancer, but they do go to others... and the group is having a sew-in this Saturday.

I've started a group to make chemo caps to go along with the comfort quilts. (interested? come join Yahoo Groups group Blankies for more information. I'm sure that Susan would gladly help you set a group in your own county.

Anyway, talked a bit about upcoming activities and workshop places. Then I printed out all the information I need for my guild meeting tonight.

Sewing... I'm machine quilting some things to hang in the show... and drafting the pieces for Vessels series...

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