Sunday, February 20, 2005

Saturday I met for lunch with 3 friends. We are the ones who exchange altered postcards every few months. And, as it turns out... we eat THAI food. Not that Linda knew that in advance.

So we tried out MY local thai restaurant ... ever near Hercules, Ca., check out Won Thai Cuisine on Willow Ave., just off I-80... Yummy food and a good time was had by all.

I think we need a name. The embellishment girls doesn't cut it. I thought of Thai-dyed... but we don't dye.
I considered Thai'd together. But that doesn't include the embellishment and altered part.

I'm now considering Al-thai-ed Up. So it gets the "altered" part and the Thai part. Sounds like fun.. but I'm not sure it's the final answer.

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Anonymous said...

I often refer to the embellishments as "doo-dads". We could be the Doo-dad Dames.

just kidding... and even more on this one...

In-Belly-Cement: the food we eat together, cements the friend we create while we explore embellishments - that's awful. I must need a caffeine hit!

Hope your cold is better