Thursday, February 10, 2005

I'm in a color funk. Everything I put on the wall to consider for a project looks flat, or grayed out, or too dark, or too light.. or just not right. Steeking ugly. I wonder why I bought/dyed/painted this stuff.

I'm not sure why I'm going through this. I could understand if it were gray, dark and rainy outside. Then everything feels gray and dark. But the sun is shining. Heck, I pulled weeds in my garden for 2 hours to day. I got my solar vitamins... the colors should be singing!

Instead everything on the wall looks like everything outside: too green or too brown.

There are times when I look at the work of Melody Johnson and others chose years ago to go with saturated hand dyed fabrics. I envy them. I'm sure there are color challenges... but after working with their given palette for this long.. when a design isn't working, I bet they KNOW it's the design and not the colors/fabrics they are choosing. One less complication in a complicated process.

The images that stop me in magazines and such at the moment are turquoises, aquas, bottle green, lemon yellow...transparent and clear. Wonder what I have on hand I can work with in these colors until my color funk works itself out...

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Mrs. Mel said...

I will address this dilemma in my post today, Melody