Monday, February 07, 2005

Something that happened this past week when I took the dogs to Pt. Isobel. I was attractively attired in one of wearable jackets... a gorgeous Turquoise flannel thing based on the Fran's Jacket pattern from RagMerchant. It's my favorite jacket to wear. Maybe it's color; maybe it's the feel... I don't know.

As I paused to pick up Mutt Mitts from the dispenser.. three women stopped in their tracks to admire my jacket. Now it's not unusual for people to stop short (there are usually about 100 dogs running around... stopping is a good thing..) but when they admire, it normally canine in nature. They smile, they pet, they learn a name... and they continue on.

These women were well-versed in the "doggie ettiquette". They stopped and smiled, they petted.. they went on.

Gee, I never thought of my jacket as another dog... Now I'm gonna have to name it.

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