Friday, July 08, 2005

And Here I Am...

The Day's Inn in the Wisconsin Dells (Wisconsin) region has just installed wireless connections throughout it's facility!! So after a full day of travelling... ( we left our house 12 hours ago)... I can say


We just drove up a small part of the road, and you would not believe how commercial this place is. Full of fast food, amusement parks and motels. Tomorrow we are taking an old-fashioned boat ride on the upper dells then heading outta town!! I have my camera... my laptop has a card reader... look for pictures from Illinois. (The Ramada there promised wifi, too).

So it's 9:30 at night.. the sun is down, and I'm sitting outside on the sundeck, surfing on my laptop... and Steve is sitting next to me playing games on his laptop. Does this make us geeky or Californians?

When we get to my MIL's house, we will have to hunt for a wireless connection or drive to the local airport (earthlink has wireless hub there)... so content will probably be spare during the week.

But we're here. And HERE the weather is pleasant and much like I left in the bay area.. maybe a bit more humid. The Quad Cities are predicted to be brutal (95 degrees and 90% humidity..) so maybe its a good thing that I won't be able to whine about it to you all.


Deb R said...

Is the boat ride you're doing on one of the Ducks? (I think that's what they called what we went on years ago...if so, that was fun)

The main thing I remember about the Dells is that I had the best chocolate-covered strawberry EVER there. Naturally I remember the food. (snort) my bloodwork back today and my overall cholesterol and HDL/LDL numbers are good, but my triglycerides are high, as always. Bah! Humbug!!

Debra said...


My hubby's problem, too. In his case it's too many simple carbs... Is yours related to your blood sugar problem?

And while they take the ducks out, my husband wanted to relive his childhood boat experience... so we are going in one of the larger boats. (He thought the Ducks would be too noisy. turns out they are quite quiet..)

Sonji Hunt said...

I'm frightened for you at the DELLS, Deb. It's so crowded and touristy. The landscape (when you see it in between the hotels and water parks) is gorgeous.

Wisconsin welcomes all it's visitors. We, of course, are headed to Illinois!