Tuesday, July 19, 2005

ToDo Tuesday

Well, Monday was a bbbaaaadddd day for eating. And I only walked 2 miles... not enough aerobic stuff, and no strengh training. However, that was yesterday..


Good news: Eucalyptus only needs a tiny more work (and some consideration before that)... maybe 3-5 leaves. Then block it, add the label, and it's DONE. I've been draggin my feet on this one for way too long.

I do have a new thing started... I should get the top half by the end of the week, the bottom part will be embroidered. It's very different for me, but I am so taken by sketch I have to do it. Meanwhile, I'm going to start working on a couple small pieces just to get some work done.

So for Tuesday:

1. Aerobic exercise for 40 minutes. Strength training for 20.

2. Work 2 hours on Fences. Then play with smaller pieces.

3. Vacuum (since I didn't get that done Monday), and 2 buckets of weeds.

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