Monday, July 25, 2005

Pickle Birthdays...

Carol asked about my reference to a Pickle Birthday Party. So I'll explain.

Surely you have read THE PERSIAN PICKLE CLUB by Sandra Dallas? The depression era group of women, all different in thier tastes and lives, who quilted and supported each other? They helped when there were problems, and kept secrets. Well my Monday night mini-group is named after the book. We are just The Pickles.

We do not celebrate EVERY birthday, but when one of us hits an age where a 0 shows up at the end, we have a party. And we make it very equitable. First you are the party recipient, then you are the party planner. And tonight was Jeanne's 50s birthday party.

The party's Guest of Honor gets a fat quarter for every year, plus whatever embellishments we include. We all eat dinner and cake and have a nice time.

So tonight, we ate salads (her choice.. but so yummy when it's hot out).. and ate chocolate lava cake (yummy anytime). We admired her fabrics.. packaged in giant "chinese take out" boxes. We stayed later than normal, and had lots of fun.

And this party will have to hold us for a while, as the next one won't be for over a year.


Carol Logan Newbill said...

I am sad to say that not only have I not read The Persian Pickle Club, I have never heard of it. I quit reading fiction somewhere around 1982 and am hopelessly unfamiliar with anything published since.

Thank you for the explanation. It sounds like a fun group!

Deborah said...

I've never heard of it either. Maybe I'll add it to my must read list. 50 fat quarters!? Wow! That's a lot of fabric. Not that you can ever have too much, of course.