Friday, July 01, 2005

What a difference a day makes

The fog moved in last night, meaning it's a lot cooler this morning. No swims in the bay early this morning.

And we had an... interesting.. morning so far.

First. We were awakened at 2 am by someone pounding on our front door. Both dogs in high alert status (Katy started barking before the knocking... I think she heard the truck pull up). I get up and look out an upstairs front window, there is a large pickup truck blocking our driveway. Headlights off, parking lights on. Too dark to see much other detail.

Steve answers the door and it's 2 strangers claiming to be looking for a woman with the same last name as ours. They refused to speak to Steve until he got his dogs under control, but they also did not provide any identification. (OK, for me they give me ID first... but I wasn't at the door). They left without incident, but we were both shook up by the thing.

NO, we didnt' call the police. We should have before we even opened the door. Our bad. We'll do better in the future.

Back to bed and eventually back to sleep. I woke up at 6:30 am and the note I left myself on the coffeepot was to get a fasting blood draw this morning. No coffee. Check my emails and blogs, shower then head to the lab. (See I learned from DebR to be a bit prepared.) I get there about 7:50 am... there are atleast 15 people in the waiting room. I hope that half of them are accompanying the vampire-feeders. Sign in, take a seat and take a nap. They finally call my name at 9 am.!! They are understaffed, and the computers aren't working. Thank goodness I brought my own cuppa coffee in with me.

They pull my blood (the doctor's office manager didn't order all the tests they usually do, I need to talk to him about that next week), I swig down a cup and leave. This phlebotomist aint' that good. She left a tiny purple bruise. Normally 2 hours after pulling blood there is barely a visible mark to attest to the deed.

After those fiascos, I forgo my normal post-vampire feed breakfast of 2 donuts. Instead I stop at the WAFFLE HOUSE for a fullblown breakfast: a waffle, 2 eggbeaters and bacon. And more coffee. Yum. Things are looking better now.

On the way home I stop at the police station and give them the information about last night. They can't do a lot about it, I don't have much information, but it will go in the statistics as a suspicious occurrence.

I also got my lecture from the occifer about calling the police at the time that these things happen. I live in a small community with a nice police force; they would have been to our house in a flash to investigate and protect us if we had called. And for the record: if Steve had not been home, I would have called the police FIRST, then called out a window that I would not open a door until the police arrived. It was a false sense of security to not do so when the spouse is home.

So my moral for the day: something doesn't feel right to you... make that phone call.

Now I think I'm gonna take a nap.

Post nap, and I'm feeling better. Actually... post nap, post walk, post yard work, post really big glass of cold water. All that rest and activity seems to have gotten me back on track. I'm gonna spend an hour or so bringing some order back to my sewing room (torn apart by my search for appropriate skirt fabrics), and then spend some time working.


Deb R said...

Good grief!! Yesterday sounded better. Too bad you couldn't just do yesterday again. Breakfast sounded good though. :-)

Debra said...

Yeah, except for the fact that Steve forgot it was my birthday (we had celebrated last week) and the Cubs lost.. it was a day worth repeating.

I vote to repeat it regularly throughout the summer!!

Junott said...

Scary Night indeed.

Hope you are having a better day after your yummy breakfast.

Take care