Sunday, July 17, 2005

Change must come

If you always do what you've always done..

You will always get what you've always gotten.

It would be ideal if I could continue to eat the way I do, and exercise at the level I've exercised and somehow manage to lose 25#. It's a fantasy.

Things gotta change.

Beginning today.

I normally eat 1200-1400 calories. I suspect that I need to eat more... but eat healthy. So I'm aiming to up my calories to the 1500-1800 level, get my fat intake to 20% calories. Not sweat the protein or complex carbs. That fat intake is a killer.

And exercise... not necessarily more but HARDER. Get that heart rate up to 130 (my doctor assigned target number) for atleast 30 minutes day. And ADD daily stretching and strength training.

If I lose a healthy 1#/week... I could be down to my goal weight about 1/1/06.

So, today I will make all those body measurements... (gulp) POST THEM.

I'm using the FitDay CD to track my food, exercise, measurements... everything. So it's easy to keep track. The pain is filling out for forms for all the foods I eat that aren't in their database. They said a couple years ago they were coming out with an update, but I haven't seen one yet. Wish they would ask me for some of the feedback in making the updates. (can you imagine they have you working faster going uphill than down?? and that part isn't customizable).

BMI: 26.75
Weight: 150#
Neck: 14.5"
Bustline: 41"
Waist: 35-5/8"
Belly (below navel):38"
Hips: 39"

And update them biweekly. Help appreciated.

It's 5 pm. I have dinner planned, and I need to eat 300 more calories later... but I am already over my fat intake. So if I have a smoothie, the soymilk will add 5 more fat grams. If I have a salad later.. the dressing will add more fat. How the heck am I going to get 300 more calories without any fat?? This has always been the confounding point for me.


deb said...

How brave you are.
Could I do the same.
Maybe, if my life depended on it.
And it does.

Debra said...

Well, that's kind of the point, here, too Deborah.

I gained most of this weight about 7 years ago (thank you menopause...). And though my test showed that I was cardiovascularly fit... the aches and pains and other stuff means I change or I'm in trouble in the future.

My reward to myself when I lose the weight? I'll actually post my photo on my blog...

gabrielle said...

You can do this kiddo...and I would be honored to help support you in this goal....because you have set realistic goals, you will be successful.
Already told my story too many times to repeat it again but I understand how frustrating it can be and how rewarding it will be when you reach your goals.
Email anytime you need a hand to hold.