Thursday, July 07, 2005

ToDo Thursday

Well, I leave town for a week starting tomorrow, so today will be filled with those last minutes items. I'm SURE I'm forgetting something.

But I think I am taking my computer, dear reader, so DO look for BRILLIANT writing from me from time to time. And, since my laptop has a card reader slot, there may be photos. That is, if I don't completely MELT during the trip. The weather forecast at my MILs house is temps in the 90s .... and that ugly Midwest word: HUMIDITY.

So today, I pack my carryon (camera, laptop, spare undies, is there room for anything else?), pack up the dog stuff (they are heading to their favorite boarding house... where Katy can sleep on the bed...), clean out the fridge, all that really fun stuff. And still walk the dogs.

And I have my annual physical this morning. I passed. I'm healthy. My cholesterol is nice and low(thank you Lipitor!!); my cardiac fitness level is a 7. I have some pulmonary restriction... but we're not worried yet. We compromised on the colonoscopy... postponing it to the winter check up. This is all good.

My doctor was surprised when I told him the cholesterol levels I had (as a 35 year old fertile female!!) pre-medication... While my total cholesterol was a high at 250... the killer was that my HDLs, (the good stuff) were 18... when they must be above 35. (now they are in their 70s). I am serious when I say that cholesterol meds have saved my life. I would probably have had atleast one heart attack by now without the meds.

All this preparing to travel, ofcourse, means I will feel pulled into the studio to spend time sewing instead of doing what I should be. I won't complain.

I'll pack my gridded base and do the beading while I'm gone (Sonji, the backing won't go on this piece until the beading is done.)

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Rayna said...

Debra darlin' - you can postpone the colonoscopy, but DO NOT forget to have it done. I am alive today because I had one - and I do not exaggerate. DO IT!