Thursday, July 14, 2005


You, dear reader, should be reading this at the earliest on Friday. Friday I will be winging my way home.


Such a simple word for heaven.

I want my pillow... I want my dogs... I want my life back.

We had a successful trip to the Quad Cities. Found the PERFECT house for my MIL to move to.. she thought so, too. The current owners accepted the first offer, so she will get possession around 9/1. We will probably need to fly back for a week or two at that time to help move things, sign some papers, and generally DO STUFF.

It's a 3 bedroom slab ranch (slabs are as hard as hen's teeth to find in most of the Midwest... everyone want a basement. Why? I don't know. I HATE basements). Anyway... things are updated, it has more room than the current house she lives in, and it will be easy to move around. As she has RA, and her partner is partially paralyzed from a stroke, the ease will be welcome.

I even got several pieces of furniture moved out of the old house (not into the new one... just out of the house). It's amazing.. a wicker laundry hamper, and 2 recliners from the living room... and the house FEELS about 100 sq. ft larger!! You can actually walk from the front door back to kitchen. Hope is helps the house sell quickly.

When we get home, I've got all the catching up housework to do... should take a couple days. Then I get to get back to work. Eucalyptus is almost done... the one small quilt needs a couple more hours of machine quilting... and I've started working on a new one that will part of it's own series. And yes, I want to work on atleast one more eucalyptus. (I have to decide if I am going to hold back Euc... back and try to enter it in next year's Viking challenge.. so I can't upload a picture now).


Deborah said...

You hate basements? Blasphemy!

So glad you found a house. A productive trip! Welcome home.

gabrielle said...

There's no place like home...glad the house is perfect.
Now imagine traveling like this two to three times a month. You learn to love even a dirty house.

Deb R said...

Hope you're home safely by now, Debra. Sounds like you had a productive trip.