Tuesday, July 05, 2005

True Confession

Several blogs I'd found a few months ago had these clever lists of goals for the next year. The authors published their goals the day of or the day after their birthday... one goal for each year.
It was an interesting thing to read.

But they were all younger than I.

I started writing my goals MONTHS ago. Figured I would aim for 54 (my age next year).. and settle for 53.

I got to 26.

ONLY by breaking down my lose 20# into 4 goals of losing 5# each.

So I gave up on that foolish task. Who do I think I am?? Able to come up with 54 goals for next year and still leave myself space for surprises???

However, I think listing goals for a period IS a good thing, so that's what I'm going. I'm just not trying to tie the number to anything else.

That said: goals for now until the end of the year:

1. Lose that 20# I've been talking about for too many years.

1A. Increase my walking distance to an average of 3 miles.
1B. Eat more veggies.
1C. Make strenght training a regular part of my week.

2. Be more productive with my art.

2A. Make atleast 1 piece a month.
2B. Actually work in a series... don't just talk about a possible series.
2C. Decide if I should hold eucalyptus1 for next year's Viking challenge, or show it elsewhere.
2D. Document the process more.

3. Work on rediscovering my writing style. I've got a fairly unique humor style when I remember to use it.

4. START NOW constructing pieces that I believe are worthy of entering into shows. Budget $125 for entering shows, and probably another $200 for shipping and handling. AND USE IT UP.

5. Walk Refugio Valley from park to the end to park.

6. Read more. Study more.

7. Start planning that cruise through the PANAMA Canal, fall of 2006.

8. Be open for possibilities.

9. Start doing volunteer work.

10. Become more organized around the home, and share the information with Steve.

And... in keeping with the concept of lists:


1. vacuum;
2. Apply 20 leaves to euc. and work on the new piece.
3. Class tonight.
4. stuffed peppers for supper.


Deborah said...

Wow. This is so ambitious and you are so impressive to share it all. Now, I must say, 20 pounds by the end of the year sounds like a lot. We've only got 6 months. Now, if you accomplish the three items under goal number 1, I'd say you would definetely deserve a pat on the back whether the number was reached or not. But, what do I know? Oh and what canal? Sounds wonderful.

Debra said...

Well, they say 1 pound a week is possible. Though I doubt it in my case... but getting started will make me happy.

And.. (I've corrected this in the blog).. we are planning on cruising the Panama Canal during a relocation cruise (moving ships from summertime Alaska to wintertime Caribbean) during the fall of 2006.