Friday, July 22, 2005

Summer Sounds in the Park.

The community next to mine has weekly concerts in the summertime. Different kind of music every week, and 2 camera men working it for broadcast on the community tv. This year they've added a really nice feature: the youth commission and the local restaurants are cooperating, so you can order supper from a local restaurant ($5-12 limited menu), and HAVE IT BROUGHT TO YOU IN THE PARK.

Steve and Katy (aka Concert Dog) go all the time... Jake (Mayor of the Universe) and I go sometimes. We all went last night. The roaming cameraman (who's job it is to find 1)babies; 2)dogs and 3) dancers)... loved these guys.

Jake tried to say hello to everyone walking by.. especially those kids with food. Katy tried to stop one and give her order (one of everything!!). Both were petted by the kids. Jake really got into wiggling on the grass.

I'm not saying the dogs were entertaining... but when we got to leave, everyone sitting behind us called out goodbye to the dogs!! Summertime life is good..

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