Saturday, August 20, 2005

Ladies who lunch, part deux...

Before I forget. (I'm a little sleep deprived.. the first thing that goes is my memory. The second thing is my good judgement. I'm between these now, so I'd better get writing fast. Note to myself: what happens in Sacto stays in Sacto.)

Thursday evening I firmed up my plans to drive to Sacto and visit the fabulous Gabrielle. Woke Friday morning, checked emails, forced the dogs through a 2 mile super-fast walk "if you need to piddle, you better do while walking", then home for a quick shower, throw on the pre-chosen outfit and head out.

Oh... prechosen outfit: a cotton dress from Dharma, hand dyed in a greens, no jewelry (forgot), and my hand painted boots. ( note to DebR. I thought I had a link to the photo of my shoes, but it's gone. I'll take another one, promise). Cool and quirky and oh-so "artsy"...

I hit the road a little late... but it's OK. Traffic is 4 lanes most of the way up there... every single lane going 70 MPH. I just slipped into a spot and felt like I was on a ride... the music was collection of oldies chosen for the energy and carefree spirit: meatloaf, jimmy buffet, beach boys. you get the idea.

Got to the motel without a single extra turn!! Mapquest actually didn't suck this time. Ofcourse it helped that the exit was one beyond the state fair park, and I've driven up there most of the past 7 years. Gabrielle was standing outside the front door desperately searching for me. Thank goodness I told her about the green dress. And she, remembering my fondness for Thai food, had a map.

Not, as it turns out, the best map in the world. It was open to lots of female interpretation, but a map that eventually got us to lunch. Good food. Gabrielle eats things HOT, and apprently loves the snot-generating capacity of all those peppers.

We yammered about art, about blogs and the artful quilt blogring... wow over 90 now. Will we reach the century mark in less than a year?? Exercise and spouses and great fun stuff. A fruitless stop at the B&N... one of the largest ones I've seen... then back to her room for some show and tell.

Unfortunately, neither of us remembered our cameras. So the day is memorialized in our memories and these blogs.


Total fun. If any member of this blogring happens to mention that they will be anywhere in your neck of the woods... try to clear some time and get a chance to meet them. Don't limit too much here... I've visited Gerrie and Gabrielle both drives over an hour each way. And it's been worth it.

Be just a little careful. Gabrielle is encouraging me to do a much larger series with the Eucalyptus quilts. Something about working more with the positive/negative space... and juxtaposition of the geometric and organic shapes....

I think I need another nap...

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