Saturday, August 06, 2005

Two Thai day!!

Friday was not highly creative (I've got a few ideas seeping, but not ready to jump out onto fabric yet)... but it was busy.

Grocery shopping and housing cleaning filled up spots, but the key points:

I ate 2 meals in Thai restaurants!! talk about heaven.

Clara came over at lunch so I could show her the WonThai, my local super Thai restaurant. When we walked in the door and sat down, Mark, the owner, looked at me. "Where's Steve?" It's nice to have a local place where people know who you are. (except that they only Steve's name as that's the one on the credit card most often when we dine there).

And, knowing Steve and I normally order the Tom Ka Gai, they gave not only the lunch menu, but the full dinner menu too. Both Clara and I order chose to order from the lunch menu... having delicious meals and Thai Ice Tea. Then we went to Fabric Depot in Pinole so she could pick up some fabric.

Later, Steve called because the Honda dealer had let his oil change slip. Dropped the car off at 7 am, and it wasn't done when he was done with work at 4 pm!! I drove down to Point Richmond to rescue him and we ate supper down there. And where did he choose? Another Thai restaurant!! What a lucky gal I am.

This time we had their house salad... a standard American style salad with a great peanut sauce dressing. Then pumpkin curry with brown rice (fabulous)... and pad thai.

So not a lot of work done (but, hey my sinks have a certain shine about them...) but my tummy is happy-happy.

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