Monday, August 08, 2005

Learning more...

Ok, I'm trying to educate myself more about blogging and the technology. In doing so, I wrote Alexandra Samuel for a little guidance:

I found your blog because of BlogHer, and I've been reading through it thoroughly enjoying your writing style and you fabulous knowledge of this medium.

I am HOPING to find a path to learning more about making blogging work. I've picked up a few things from your blog that I had earlier learned on my own (WTF is RSS and why do I want it?).

How does someone who is just learning about something choose who to sign with?? And you discuss items I've read about but still not to the point that I DO understand.

Tagging. why should I care? and how do I do it?

Social bookmarking. same question.

Setting up a wiki?? Where, why and most importantly how??

I have yet to find simple discussions about these items that use English (instead of Geek). Maybe I need to mine deeper in your blog and links, but at the moment I still like that kid accidently scheduled in Latin III instead Latin I.

Her reply:

can I suggest this would be a great topic for a "bloggespondence"? i.e. turn your email into a blog post --
it's a great post as-is -- and just make sure to hyperlink your post
to a post in my blog -- for example one of the tagging-related or
Blogher-related posts. That way your blog post will ping my blog, and
I can respond to you in my blog, and then other people can join in.
And if you include this code:"
then our correspondence will pop up at Advanced Tools.

how does that sound?

Me again... So I'm trying this. Don't know if I put the hyperlink in the right place.... or how this will work from here... but I'll try something once.

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