Saturday, August 13, 2005

Top Ten Songs..

The blogger Cpt. Picard Journal asked the question a few weekends ago:

What are your top ten all time favourite songs and by whom? Can you say why?

In no particular order (and without a whole lot of thought) I would say:

1. Sultans of Swing. It's my strongest earworm. Even thinking of the song sets it playing in my head for weeks. (oh, damn!! there it goes again).

2. American Pie, Donny McLean. It's a great song to sing out loud.. and the reference to my musical history of the late fifties and sixties.. makes it more wonderful. But, truth be told, I have held this song in high esteem since it premiered.

3. Locomotive Breath, Jethro Tull. That guitar/keyboard riff in the beginning...

4. Shine a Little Light, James Taylor. Another earworm. Interesting rhythm and harmonies.

5. Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The EVA CASSIDY version. Haunting and beautiful.

6. Every Breath You Take. Sting.

7. Brown-Eyed Girl. Want to feel like young again? It's summer, it's energizing.

8. Road to Moscow. Al Stewart. History and fabulous music.

9. The Last Waltz. (was that englebert humperdink??) When I was a cute, single thing.. a musician sang that to me as we danced around an empty dancefloor after his gig. How romantic.

10. My Girl. Similar story... different musician. The band would sing this song each gig.. with musician singing part to his own girlfriend. "She got so much honey the bees envy me." (sigh... oh, to be 20 again...).

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