Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Thursday's smashing fun!!

Ok, My general straightening up the house yesterday was quite successful, but phone calls about the house purchase in Illinois cut into my work time. So my studio needs a major de-cluttering today.

But first... my annual mammo this morning.

So I think I'll clear out the room (kind of) before I leave. Then when I come home, sort and file and put away stuff. I'll find several pieces that I started last year and need to finish... something that I've completely forgotten about... and more pencils and pens (I'm sure). By 3 pm. I'll be ready to start WORKING in there... and able to move around and actually get some work done.

oh yeah.. there are still a couple phone calls to make.

chicken for supper (how shall I cook it?) and possibly a concert in the park tonight.

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