Thursday, August 04, 2005

Talking blogging and shopping therapy

Wednesday morning I headed to my dentist's to get a couple small cavities filled. So while I was lying there, his hands in my mouth, the front of face numb, we started talking about blogging.

Him: Bloggin...yada yada yada..

Me: grpouskjlurkuepswpoeifhisopdhforoweioif.

Him: Yes, I think I see your point! But... yada, yada, yada...

(I gave Dr. Warren my blog site... so give a shout out to him everyone!!) I decided it was weird enough that I had to blog about it.

( Welcome to Blogger's Anonymous. Who is present today?
My name's Debra. I'm a blogging addict.
Hello Debra. Can we link back to your blog??)

After being tortured for all of about 40 minutes, I decided some retail therapy would be the only thing to help me recover. (note to self: exercise might have been more productive.). I stopped at JoAnnes.. and gathered a couple potential items. Then checked the coupon in my purse. Expired. Nothing yelled to me: I'm already on sale, buy me! Or I'm worth full price. so I walked out without buying anything.

Well, poo.

On to Ross.

Now the British What Not To Wear ladies wrote a book that told us what to wear to look our best. They pretty much dismissed sleeveless if you're over 25... but I can't stand the feel of most sleeves... so forget that. What they did strongly suggest however, was a lower neckline... ideally V, and a "wrap" look in a top. For me. (narrow shoulders, big boobs, no waist).

Ross had a whole lot of cute v-neck tops in a pseudo-wrap style... in sizes S and M. As soon as I got to the sizes that admitted... gee, she has boobs... the wrap style disappeared. completely. I'll pretend that others who read the book got there first, and took all the cute tops.

I did find 5 cute tops. Sleeveless, stretchy thing all from the same manufacturer. All the same size. Two fit perfect. Three didn't. If someone can explain this, I'd love to know how!

A look at skirts was painful and fruitless. And dresses. Too dressy.. or too strange. But I did find one cute sundress.

Now home to work a bit around the house, and head to my guild meeting this evening. I've got to admit, I've outgrown this guild and really need to quit it. But I'm the rep from the guild to the regional quilt council and I like that position. So I will probably just skip attending most of the meetings.

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