Monday, August 22, 2005

Monday ToDos...

Ok, this is late because I forgot to write it last night.

1. Mix up potato flake resist for fabric painting later this week. Done

2. Vacuum up the dog fur. done

3. Prep fabrics for fabric painting. done

4. Make a couple phone calls. Yuck.

5. Weed the garden.

Remember that I"m getting up at 4 am tomorrow... so hit the hay early.

I went a step further today... and treated several pieces of fabric with vegetal resists hoping they would be ready for some painting techniques maybe later tomorrow. Treated them, laid them out on a piece of freezer paper and set them down on the floor in my studio to dry.

Now let's see how long it takes you, brilliant reader, to see the flaw in my plan.


ah, yes.... you're getting the picture...

remember, I have a lab. And Katy's main reason to wake up in the morning is to eat. And this was mashed potato resist on the floor. Yep, she walked in there and licked the top piece clean before I caught her.

So much for my planning...

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