Sunday, August 28, 2005


I decided to use this photo as the inspiration for one of my design journals. I make these from watercolor paper, painted up, torn and folded back together. The "complete" picture was placed on one side (altered somewhat because I couldn't draw the shoe). On the other side I did 8 quick "gestural sketches" (atleast I think that's what my teacher called them). Hello will not upload the photo of the sketches.

Then I painted them. This is "closer to real" painting of the still life.

These are the 8 quick sketches painted up.

I folded it, and tore 3/4 of the ways up the center. Then folded it up. This is one "cover" of the book. It's from the irregularities on the glass ball in the photo.

This is the other side. The candlestick with leaves behind it.

Each small section of this "book" can be used as the inspiration for a piece. Inspiration either in color or line. I like this one. (it's upside down... but I like it this way). (the jinglebell on the shoe).

This one isn't fabulous... but there are parts I could take from this...

Something about this reminds me of Gabrielle Swain's work. Is it the leaves or the lined background??

This is part of the "complete" painting folded as an individual piece. All good... all fine... great outcome from the experiment.

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