Saturday, August 20, 2005

Zappo marketing.

Carol wrote about the Zappos marketing technique and wondered about using this for marketing quiltmaking/surface design.

The first thing would require of us would be the development of an active database of former clients.

For the maker, who purchased the piece, it's size, it's theme and it's color palette, photo of work.

For the teacher, the sponsor of a workshop, the class taught, the students in attendance, photos of the work.

Then, when something similar is available an email is sent..

Example for the teacher:

You attended my workshop (former date) where we (did this) {ideally insert a photo of something from that class HERE.} On (upcoming date), I will teaching a related workshop at (new location).

Insert information about the new workshop...

If you enjoyed the past experience and would like to expand your skills in this area, please join us.


This kind of marketing is important because it feeds off an already existing client base. It also makes the recipient feel considered by you. So they may WANT to attend the function. It's worded more as an invitation than a "sales tools".

An important feature of this, however, would be letting the first experience age a bit. Do not send an email any more frequently than perhaps 6 months or a year...

What other ideas can generate that feed this type of marketing?

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