Tuesday, August 23, 2005

RockStar INXS

Don't read this if haven't seen the show yet. Enough warning. I'm bloggin this real time as I'm watching the show... how geeky is that??

1. Susie. Start Me UP...I like that she went up with her fellow contestants and sang with them. I thought she started a bit slow... but she finished strong.

2. JD. COLD AS ICE. I really can't take his ego and don't know that he's a "band" person, but I can see that you young chickie-poos would think he's hot. He had energy in his performance and I can't really fault it. Too bad. But I think he'd be better served as a solo performer with a backup band.

3. Deanna. MY TRUTH. THAT GIRL ROCKED!!! What else can I say???

4. Ty. PROUD MARY. I would say he's the hottest guy left in the competition...And what can say about his performance?? I jumped up and danced.. and felt completely energized afterward.
So far.. the two best performances of the night.

5. Mig. DO OR DIE. Not the energy of the other performances. Adequate, but not spectacular.

6. Marty. I ALONE. I'm not familiar with the song.. and I didn't particularly like the performance... but he had plenty of energy. I wasn't fond of the yelling instead of singing during the chorus, and it sounds like INXS feels the same way. But

7. Jordis. DREAM ON. Just dreadful. 'nuff said.

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