Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Not such a good day...

Well, as good as the mail was Monday; that's how bad the day was Tuesday.

Remember that telecon I was looking forward to participating in? I was late signing in because... well that will follow... but I was 20 minutes late. Then, 10 minutes later my cordless phone battery died. Bumping me out of the call. The part I participated in was interesting, but I got really short changed. Fortunately someone wiki'ed the whole thing.

So why was I late? I had to go to BigO and get a tire fixed. While I was in the parking lot earlier today, I must have driven over a BIG SCREW (gee... we shall later how appropriate this is).. that embedded itself in my left rear tire. So as I drove, it kept going Klick, Clack, clickity, clickity. The kid next door told me it was safe to drive down to get it fixed.. but not to wait the 2 hours I would have waited if I stayed home for the whole call. (which I wouldn't have been able to stay through as it turns out. That durned battery).

Driving down to Big O, a guy down the street backed out of his garage and straight into the street without looking. I laid on the horn and swore at him.. and he missed T-boning me about about 6".

Not that that will keep from calling my insurance company.

When I took the dogs for their walk, I stopped near the post office and mailed in my entry to PIQF. We crossed the street to the park and walked around. Besides the screw-in-the-tire present... I found this surprise on my bumper:

It looks like a large truck of some kind backed into me and (ofcourse) didn't leave any information about the accident. sigh.

Fortunately the back gate still works.. the dogs are happy... But I've got to talk to the police and the insurance company.. and deal with all this.

When I got home, I swore nothing short of a disaster would drive me out of the house again today...

So if an earthquake strikes the SF East bay tonight.. you know who to blame...

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