Monday, November 14, 2005

Another frustrating day

Ok, so Sunday was a bit frustrating, too. It was my own making.

I brought my sewing machine. When I was packing I kept dithering between bringing the large plastic table or staying with the removeable "arm" with my machine. One meant carrying another thing.. and hoping there was table space for it. The other meant a smaller platform to work on.

You guessed it.

I didn't bring either.

So any sewing I do this week will be done on the freearm only part. I did get some squares attached to a background, but the piece needs lots of additional stitching. If it ever gets done, it will have to be at home. (sigh). And that was my plan for the morning.

I continued working with the some of the pieces I made on Saturday. Frustration. Aarrgg... Who wants to spend valuable workshop tme fussing and fretting? Not me. I packed it away and painted some more fabric... hoping that a new happier inspiration would find me. I think the pieces will need more piecing than I want to deal with here. That's OK.

After dinner and such, my roomie and I talked while waiting for Desperate Housewives to come on. We talking about working without thinking... well without letting our internal critic talk to us. In the same time that I've been fussing and fretting, she's composed, assembled and quilted 4 pieces. And has several more in the works. She hasn't been quilting much at all... no desire, no inspiration. But she decided that she was just going to produce this week. (reminds me a lot of sharing a table with Gerrie last year).

I didn't fall asleep until after midnight thinking of sticks...I woke up at 5 am. thinking of conversations and falling stars.. and I've developed a plan for some of the first pieces I painted. I will be working from my plan without listening to any internal critic today. I am excited now. I will produce the work and let it go.

I've sketched out the ideas on a piece of propoganda from the hotel (why can't I find any of the four sketch books I brought?), and I'm just waiting for the breakfast buffet to open so I can eat a quick breakfast and try these ideas out in the flesh.

Lunchtime is a "field trip" to Sunnyside Lodge.. a restaurant facility right on Lake Tahoe. I've had a friend email me to eat a light lunch and save room for dessert. So I'll be buzzing this afternoon from the sugar rush. (My jeans are already tighter than they need to be...).

Sorry for no photos in this missive; I left my camera in the classroom. Will remedy all that later today. (with that sugar high, comes the inevitable crash...)

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