Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Productive Monday

I spent most of Monday waiting for the rain that was predicted. I wanted to go to my mini-group get together Monday night, but I can't drive in the dark and rain. I kept hoping that it would pour and get over it. It did better; it didn't rain until I was there.

So, while watching the weather outside, I:

packed for Art Quilt Tahoe;
stretched a piece to paint on stretcher bars;
Cleaned the carpet upstairs;
played with the Frapper maps;
walked the dogs and took Jake to the vet for a followup (small eye problem);
continued some organizing in the pre-super organizing of the sewing room.

Good day all around.


Change the oil in the car (in preparation of the drive to Tahoe).
Take the dogs to PetSmart for nail trims and food.
Start painting stretched piece.
Continue with the pre-super organizing organizing.

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