Saturday, November 12, 2005

Today at Tahoe...

This is the view from our room early in the morning. Aren't I clever to take it with the reflections from the lamp to prove I am in our room??

At lunch time, I went for a walk on the golf course. Found a great piece of wood that I'm bringing home, but no photo of it yet.

This the facility in which we are working. Outside are heated pools and hot tub and wonderful waterfall. I understand that the bears played in the waterfall. Alas, unlike last week, we are not seeing bears.

Looking away from the facility down the golf course to the mountains at the other end of the valley.

And from the near the other end of our valley. I believe this mountain was the key place to be during the Olympics, if you were a skier.

Today we "created fabric" from PFD muslin with acrylic paints. Then late this afternoon, we tore the fabrics up. The idea is to then combine several of them into an unplanned composition and the basis for a quilt.

Although I tried to use similar colors and such on several pieces, as you can see nothing looks like it's going to compliment. So at the end of the first day I hit my first frustration barrier. (Here, it's common to hit a couple of these during the week. Atleast for me.)

It's not a bad thing. I think I developed a plan for one small piece that I can work on in the morning. And while I sleep tonight, my brain will come up with something else.

These pieces are just too pastel-y or too muddy. Maybe tomorrow afternoon I paint another piece or two specifically to compliment something that's already done.

Dessert tonight was a citrus tart with burnt merengue topping and guave and mango sauces. Yummy. No pictures.

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