Monday, November 14, 2005

AQT Monday

As I said, I woke up too early this morning with a plan. Took a quick shower, headed over to breakfast and sat with the other early birds, including Ruth McDowell. She is such a genuine soul. She looked at me when I admitted to hitting frustration early... and said:

Well, all artists are frustrating when they are working! If they're not, then they aren't participating in the process fully enough.

I was quite happy to hear that.

Went to the room and started thinking how I would work (with very limited ability on my machine), when a gal walked in to admire our class. She is in Ruth's class, and just playing with fabric, although she rented a sewing machine for the session. We dickered and negotiated a trade of one of my postcards for use of her machine for the day.


I went to work. By the time we headed off to lunch at Sunnyside Resort, I had these two things done:

This is FOUR CONVERSATIONS. It's handpainted cotton (from Saturday) and silk dupioni. The panel of the far left is the conversation between an introvert and extrovert friend. The far right is two close friends. The top middle panel is 2 people on an elevator, and the bottom is some other exchange between strangers.

You can appreciate it as simple an elegant design.. but the story helped me place the lines of conversation.

This is Catch A Falling Star. The small squares all have stars, or parts of stars drawn in them.

Gerrie Chase was surprised to see me working on both of these pieces at once... switching from the elegant conversation to the sweet star.

but I had a vision.

In the afternoon, I sewed up one of the damask napkins with some silk to do another conversation piece (though I don't yet know the details): Dinner Conversation.

For lunch we went to Sunnyside Resort right on Lake Tahoe. The photos of lunch were shared last week (including the dessert), so I will photos of the locale.

This the lodge where we ate. Three different salads (caesar, fruit and marinated veggie), garlic something ravioli, deli cuts of meats and cheese, and a fabulous berry crisp (though they called it a cobbler). We got the recipe.

A lone pine tree outside the door of the lodge.

And probably one of my favorite images: the sun playing on water, and reflecting light and shadow on the rocks below. Wish I could have captured the depth of this image, but I fear that that wish is beyond a simple digital point-n-shoot .

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