Thursday, November 10, 2005

Right after Breakfast

Right after breakfast tomorrow, I drive up Art Quilt Tahoe. I've packed my supplies up in the car already... and the suitcase is packed. I almost carried it out to the car, but wondered why it seemed a bit empty.

I'd almost forgotten to pack the jeans, nightshirt and bras that were hanging on the line to dry. I think the one pair of sweats I'm driving in tomorrow would have worn out their welcome before the whole thing ended.

Now I'm fairly confident that whatever I've forgotten I can find locally... but I'm wondering what it will be.

Things I have forgotten in the past:

a toothbrush;

a slip. A business conference where I was wearing a relatively sheer dress to the welcome dinner. thank goodness someone saved me.

So what have you forgotten to pack (and really missed) on past trips??

And to my two regular readers who exist outside the Artful Quilt BlogRing.. (Grace and Pops)... sorry I deleted you from the blogring map. When I return from Tahoe, I'll set up a map for my blog and you can enter that.

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