Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Monday, instead of continuing with the organization/cleaning of the studio and first floor, I basted and quilted 2 of the charity quilts I found in the big pull-out. Now, ofcourse, I have to bind them. (sigh).

Anyway, my plans for today were to head to the Farmer's Market and Trader Joe's, come home and continue with cleaning.

Instead, early this morning I started working on my Simple Still Life project for this month. Then my friend Jeanne called to say she had most of the day free and "could we take a walk?" Change of plans!!

When Jeanne showed up at my house, she told me that I couldn't show pictures of a clean studio when the stuff from inside there had exploded throughout my house (and car). It would be a form of cheating. But I had mentioned that I was still organizing when I showed those pictures... so it's OK, right??

Anyway, I loaded the dogs into the pup-mobile and we headed out to Carquinez Strait regional park. It's a small 1.5 mile loop with views of the water, a walk through a eucalyptus grove and panoramic scenes of California countryside. Katy walk along with us; Jake chased his tennis ball. We stopped at a deli in nearby Crockett for lunch. (Corned beef and a real Vanilla cream soda. Yum!).

So much for my morning plans. We can always plan... but we don't have to obsess about following them!!

Home, and I needed to run some errands... Finally got to working on the house at 4:30 pm.

It's now 7:30 and I'm taking a break. I've reclaimed the buffet in the entry hall and all of the living room. The dining room only has 2 quilts that need to be basted on the table and some sheer panels that need to be prepped and hung up. (I'll do that next). The kitchen is sans fabric (but not clean). And the family room is down to 1 large pile of fabric to sort back into the studio and those 2 quilted (but not bound) charity quilts.

There is an impressive collection of empty plastic boxes that had held projects and scraps I've given up on. (wonder where I'm gonna put those?)

All in all, a fairly successful 3 hours. Hopefully by the time I go to bed I will have recovered all the first floor.

Wednesday, I may be running around in the morning... or may not. When home, I'll dust and clean quickly, continue fitting my studio into the appropriate cubbyholes, and spend some time staring at pieces that need a little work. Think I'll also look for a couple journals to start the new year with. A couple of the small pieces from AQT would make really nice journal covers.

In the evening I'll prep a sweet potato casserole for dinner Thursday.

And for those who have not made thier xmas wish lists yet, I offer:

Hey... It even comes in RED! One of the accessory colors in my kitchen!!

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