Saturday, November 12, 2005

The First meeting...

The first meeting of AQT attendees/bloggers and friends occurred on 11/11/05 at approximately 11:45 in the Sweet Potatoes Deli at the Resort.

In the photo are: Cathy Ortelle (not a ring member but an occasional blogger . I've lost her blogname though)

(Hey! It's early!! And that altitude thing...)

Gerrie Congdon in her signature lime green.
A woman who is not a blogger (someone help me with her name.) She was delightful.

Becky Turlock, who we all know as Junott on the Run.

Liz Berg.

And there my camera wasn't large enough to get the last two ladies. But, hey, they are bloggers, so I wouldn't remember their names.

See that #48 on the table? That's me.

We sat about eating lunch, sharing bear stories, and having a nice time. We missed Mrs. Mel, but understood her absence.

After lunch, I searched out my classroom. It's Papoose Peak. They were obviously just switching over from the old classes to the new.

The inside of our room. So bare and empty. Things will be so different by later today.

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