Tuesday, November 08, 2005

"We've been married too long"

I'm eating lunch, watching Starting Over on TV, and checking my email Tuesday at noon. I get a message from my spouse:

Mark (X) is in town for (a) meetings but has no dinner plans. He
would like to get together with us and suggest Thursday night. That
ok with you? Any idea for a place? He says he doesn't mind driving.

I contemplate for all of 30 seconds before responding:

ooo... Fine with me. I enjoy dinner with Mark.

hmm... We haven't been to La Strada in El Cerrito for ages, but he
probably gets a lot of Italian. Get some sense what he has a taste for
and I'll come up with something...

And the Spouser writes back:

you know, we have been married too long. I proposed that to Mark, he
said he liked Italian, and then I said I'd let you decide.


So how often do you and your SO have simultaneous similar thoughts? And do you find it scary or comforting? (myself, I find it comforting).

Looks like I'll be having calamari in a lemon/white wine sauce Thursday. My car will be packed up, and first thing Friday morning, I'm heading up to Squaw Valley and Art Quilt Tahoe's second session.

I love it when a plan comes together!!

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