Saturday, November 26, 2005

I'm hoping to get creative soon...

Holidays have this way of screwing my plans. Steve asked what I did while he was gone, and we figured out I went out with friends and ate. Not that it's improving much since he's home.

Thursday I pigged out at a friend's house, came home and tried to tidy up the house.

Friday I picked Steve up at the airport. Good news... it was our 23 anniversary, and my heart still beat a little bit faster when he turned the corner. Walked the dogs and basted a quilt.

Today we are going to a memorial service for a friend.

Tomorrow we walk the dogs. I might actually get some time in my relatively clean studio.

Monday I need to run a bunch of errands: Trader Joe's; Bed, Bath and Beyond; the creative recycling center place; Stone Mountain and Daughter's (?); seems to me there were a couple more spots...

Tuesday, come hell or high water I'm in the studio. It's supposed to rain...

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