Sunday, November 13, 2005

My Class at AQT

I thought I'd mentioned it, but maybe I didn't.

I'm taking the Spontaneous No Plan quilt with Gerrie Chase. I'm betting that most of your have not heard of her. Gerrie was one of the founding members of the Fiber Art Coalition (? I think) when she lived in Seattle. She's been shown at Dairy Barn and many other big venues. The link is to the AQT gallery where you can see several of her works.

Gerrie (and Sue Benner) are teachers that students see their classes here, and sign up for the next year. I don't think it's the teachers' work that excite us as much as it's the variety and enthusiasm of the students that make us think: If I'm spending all this money, I want to have this much fun myself next year!!

In her class, we paint small pieces of fabric... without really thinking too much...listening to what our spirit says. We dilute Golden acrylics to paint with... and add line by putting some of this paint into a tjainting tool. (you know those brass and copper tools for batiking). Then you tear the fabric into small pieces and use it.

I had no problem with the painting part, I thought. Spent most of my time trying to get a fine controlled line from the tool; with mine, I cannot dilute more than a drop or two. In retrospect each small piece could have had more done within it. less repetition and more variation.

However, when I tore it apart, I don't yet see a lot of little surprises or gems. And though I thought I was working in a nice complimentary palette, even the colors don't seem to work well together. For me, my colors are way too pastelly. I don't do pastel. I do the minerally colors and earthy tones... and these were the oxide colors I used.

I came up with a plan for several of the squares just before dinner... and today will be the challenge of figuring out different plans for all the other pieces. I only tore up 3 of the pieces... and we will be setting up a "community painting station" where I may spend some time tomorrow or the next day putting more context into the pieces that remain.

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