Thursday, November 03, 2005

A coupla things

You can take them or leave them...

First, the person who got my damask napkin sewing bag at SAQA on Wednesday did not like it. I could tell from the look on her face. But atleast she didn't give it away like another person did her gift. Yet, when you KNOW that the giver is anonymous but right there in front of you... can't you pretend for half an hour that you're atleast neutral about the thing??? That, to me, is the polite thing to do.

Secondly,I was looking online for a good butternut squash soup online last week, and I found this one.

Made it for supper tonight, and it was YUMMY. Made from start to finish in about 1/2 hour, and with items (except the squash) that I have in my pantry. We had it for supper with a salad and some french bread.

Before you make it, there were a couple problems for me: they had me use 2-3/4 C. of stock (21 ounces?). Well I use the cardboard cartons.. which has 32 ounces in it. So instead of just pouring the carton in, I had to measure (... my life is sooo hard!)

Also, the recipe calls for about 6 ounces of coconut milk, when the can comes with 12 ounces.

Such an inconvenience.

I'll admit it, I reduced the stock by another 5-6 ounces and used the whole can of coconut milk. It would have been more healthy to use less, or to use soymilk instead (which I will do in the future), but I wanted to try the recipe the way it is. (OK, only richer).

It makes a good, fast wintertime meal in a snap. So enjoy.

I also must confess why I like P2P file sharing (within limits). For months now, I have been "hearing" snippits of a song in my head. The song came out in 1980 by a Cleveland band A catchy reggae rhythm and an unusual lyric. But there is no way I could remember the band's name... and what are the chances that any online music store would have a song from 1980?? (OK, I just checked. I AM SHOCKED!! There is an entire album of music from 1980 Cleveland rockers called... what else??... STRAIGHT OUTTA CLEVELAND. It has some Michael Stanley, Devo, Pere Ubu.. Probably the Raspberries too. )

OK, so I didn't know. Instead I went to the file sharing website that a friend recommended a few months ago and searched on the song title.

Who knew??

There were, I think, 57 members with a copy of "Funky Poodle" on their computer!!

"I thought to myself this chick's crazy! In this neighborhood, a poodle would end up in Burger King..."

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