Friday, November 11, 2005

Rules for Drivers

I'm here at AQT. The drive was uneventful (thank goodness); sunny and clear but not too bright. No major traffic problems. But after 3+ hours on the road, I have suggestions for some drivers:

you are driving in a left hand lane and the traffic in the lane to your right is passing you...
YOU ARE IN THE WRONG LANE. By about 2 lanes.

IF the lane in front of you is clear, but there are 8 cars visible in your lane behind you...
YOU ARE IN THE WRONG LANE. Again, by about 2 lanes.

IF the person behind you keeps flashing thier lights... they are trying to tell you that...

Now that my public service address is over.

Like Gerry, I was upgraded to a suite. Well, actually, my room mate, who stayed here last night, somehow snagged us the suite as an upgrade. It's fabulous. I will be sleeping on the couch, where I can stay up late, wake up early, snore to my little hearts' content and be generally happy.

I haven't taken any photos to share yet. Tomorrow. Wait until tomorrow.

Tonight I am suffering from a touch of altitude discomfort. I don't remember this from past trips, but probably by the end of this session, I won't remember that I had it tonight! I am a tad dizzy.. and headachy. So I'll close this missive and go zoom out with a little mindless television and my sketch book.

PS. I haven't seen the bears yet.

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