Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Damn, I hate shopping.

Set out this morning with what should be a couple simple tasks:

get new undies for the household, and find 1 or 2 tops to wear when we go out to supper or stuff.

Easy-peasy, right?

Well, the first part was.

I was wearing my "good" jeans, appropriate shoes, and a good bra even. All I wanted was a top that fit well and was not too casual. Something a step up from t-shirt. Ideally in silk. The KEY factor: it had to fit well. Stacy and Clinton had to "dance over my shoulder" and think that it complimented my coloring and almost made me look like I had a waistline. It's impossible for it to NOT to show up my boobs.

Four stores and 5 hours later I'm exhausted and frustrated. And I know why my closet is so bare.

First, finding the department that sells clothes in size 12, but for someone older than age 12. First 2 floors checked clothes jumped from 8 to 24. Finally found the correct section... and it looks like "uber-casual" is the look for the season. I haven't the faintest idea how anyone dresses for work... aside from 2 black suits (and no suit blouses)... everything was about as casual as sweats or what I already have at home (minus the stains).

When I found something that might be acceptable, I dragged it to the fitting room. NOT a pretty experience... it reminded me of trying on bikinis when I was younger. Only different.

Most of the tops had arm holes that dropped down to the bottom of my bra band. Try the size smaller didn't help, and it pulled across my ample boobs. Those empire tops would ride UP my bust... NOT a pretty picture.

Confound all this by the fact the region I live in is not predominantly white. This mall caters mostly to Asians, Latinos, and Blacks. And the colors that look good on them... on my pinky-beige skin and brown hair?? NOT A PRETTY PICTURE. I am so not an orange, lime green and purple kinda gal.

The really frustrating thing: we are going out to dinner with a guy who works with Steve on Saturday. I want to look nice. I think everything I own has a stain on it (grease or paint). So what am I to do now?

Tomorrow we shall see if GoodWill is any better...

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