Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I have signed up for a classic watercolor class at the RAC this winter season. This morning was our second class. It will be nicer when they fix the furnace, but this is an old muni building.. they must fabricate a couple special parts before it will be fixed. In the meantime, the room is in the 50s and it takes forever for the watercolor paper to dry after you've applied some paint.

And we've been trying to experiment with layering color on paper (with previous layers dry).. so it's been an interesting class. I started three experiments today hoping I would get the first one dry by the time I finished the third. No such luck. So when I couldn't feel my thighs (where are my longjohns? I gave them away when I moved to the left coast), I packed up and came home. I'll continue working this evening while watching some tv.

Since scrapping my piece, I've been refining the original sketch. Tomorrow I'm taking it to Kinko's to get it blown up (I don't have a scanner or an overhead projector to do so at home).

And I've got an idea for the piece after this one. I'm working on the sketches for that piece.

So although I have nothing to show for work, I am working.

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