Thursday, January 26, 2006

It's All About The Hat #1

Thanks for the comments on the photo and hat! It's Steve's hat that I borrowed. Lisa Stone at BlogHer has been trying to convince me that people will respond to my writing better if they can put a face to the name. I decided the other day to experiment. I'd still be happier if I could wait until I've lost about 20#,... but I don't know that that would make me look less "masculine". I think the short (but not cropped) hair adds to that look.. along with the glasses. But long hair doesn't work with me either. (all I do is pull it back to get it outta my face).

You should see the other hat!! Oh wait!! You can!!

I'm sure it once belonged to a proud, tiny Black woman.. who wore it as her "Sunday Go To Meeting" hat. Unfortunately, I need someone else to really take my picture.. with all that added height, my arms are not long enough!! STeve has been working a lot, so I have to wait til next Monday night for really good photos! And, heaven's WHEN did I grow my father's jowls?? That's OK on my brothers.. but not on me!!

However, when I don this hat, I feel like a '40s glamour editor. All I need is the 1' long ebony cigarette holder!! It's the key to a great persona. I bought it for my position as a Content Editor for the BlogHer website, which goes LIVE on Monday!! Not that I'll write my articles wearing that hat...well, maybe when I need some great inspiration... but I suspect there will be times (like BlogHer Conference 06) when I use the hat as a prop.

Infact while taking photos of these 2 hats, I thought of a fun new blog topic:
It's All About The Hat!! That would simply be photos of me wearing lots of different hats. Kind of the way the other DebR is with shoes...?? Or Carol Newbill with the neighborhood mannequin??

What do ya think??

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