Thursday, January 26, 2006

Geeky miracle post warning...

Faithful, incredulous readers.. here's the truth:

I am writing this post and I can publish it when I'm done (or save it as draft), and I am not logged into Blogger, nor am I using their editing tools.

There are these wonderful programs (who knew?? and why didn't they tell me/?) that let you blog from your desktop. Then post the messages whenever you wish. So that frustration that you can't write a blogpost because your internet connection isn't working? ... or you're on the road and don't have a wifi connection?

At the moment, I'm using a program called Performancing for Firefox. Sorry, it's not available for other browser options (including Netscape).. but Firefox is a great way to browse the web.. and you should be using it instead of IE!

First, if you haven't downloaded FireFox, do so. Set it up.
Second, download Performancing.
When you go to set it up, it will ask you where you blog (say for example, Blogger). And it will ask for you login name and password. These are kept on your computer.. NOT stored online.. but it lets the program communicate with your blog.

Third. After you've installed Performancing, you can open Firefox, and find a very small icon in the bottom toolbar on the right hand side. Click it, and Performancing opens up. So if you're reading a great blog or article and you want to save notes from it.. Open Performancing, copy and paste the link or the notes or whatever and save it for yourself. Or keep a link that you want to share.

You can write in WYSIWYG or HTML. YOu can preview your post. You can Bold, Italic, Underline. Quote. add in links, and add photos.

And if you have more than one blog.. it will add in every blog you have and list each one.. so you can choose to write a quick note to one and then the next... with a click of a button.

Other desktop blog publishing software includes:
and RocketPost

Performancing and Ecto are free.. the other two cost money. But I encourage you go out, investigate and play.

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